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BRAIN One Smart Telemetry Sensor at CES 2016

BRAIN One deviceBRAIN One is the world’s first smart telemetry sensor for any extreme action sport. It was unavailable outside of the professional world – until now! BRAIN One contains the most complete set of sensors on the market. It was designed for action sports but is suitable for every activity.

BRAIN One is a small, portable, device that contains a massive range of sensors. It has GPS+Glonass, thermometer, microphone, barometer, 9-axis inertial sensor, and more. These sensors can measure all aspects of an athletic performance, from speed and bending angles to lap time and elevation difference.

Athletes from go karters to snowboarders can now easily quantify their performance with the push of one button. Users can control and share the results of their sessions through a smartphone or smartwatch and even challenge friends. BRAIN One can also be connected to an action cam such as a GoPro. Use the BRAIN VIEW software to create action-packed videos that are automatically overlayed with your performance data.

Check out BRAIN One at CES 2016 at Sands, Hall G, booth number 80856.