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Apple users foaming at the mouth already!

I am not surprised that Apple users are excited today, but what does it mean, well it means that most of them have secretly been wanting to run Windows machines for a long time this is a dream come true and many can’t wait. Which is evidence by the amount of forum traffic already. If OS X is so good then why do they need or even want Windows. Some will say to help Windows users switch to Mac, and my reply is your kidding right. Who in there right mind pays the types of prices Apple charges for hardware, have you been to CompUSA lately.

I have said it before and I will say it again. A computer is a computer is a computer, they do the same thing, their is nothing I can’t do on a PC that can’t be done on a Mac flat and simple. I am not obsessed with my laptop or my desktop after all it’s an object, I am not in love with that object, and like the car I drive it is also a object that I do not obsess over. That object gets me back and forth to work. Thus I feel the same way about my PC, when I boot it I can do all of the functions I need or would ever want, it is a faithful servant, as is my car that is in the parking lot.

Plus there are literally thousands of programs available for the Windows based computers, you cannot say the same about a Mac. Some Mac users will say, that they don’t need extra software the computer had everthing I needed out of the box. Well I can tell you for a fact being a Mac owner myslef this is a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

Someone said in the comment section that Dell and HP would never build a PC that ran OS X because they needed a license to do that. Does Apple need a license to enable you to run Windows or are they breaking the law by enabling you to do this? I would guess the reason that HP and Dell would not reverse engineer a machine to run OS X it is more about economics, why build a machine that a very small segment of the computing industry will use? It’s a fact that Apple’s bottom line depends on it’s hardware business to survive, and in doing so they charge Apple users extremely inflated prices for their average machines. They went to a Intel chip because they were falling way way behind the power curve in performance, that move will allow them to start to catch up. They do get major points for style but I guess for those of us that want a work horse that gets you to and from work really don’t care that it’s pretty. I want my machine to be an animal when I run it I could care less that it’s pretty.

Many will say oh its about function, the experience etc etc etc. Guess what same broken record. But in the end Microsoft wins, because all of you that want to run a dual boot system will have to buy Windows for a License. Microsoft doesnt care because they are not in the hardware business. Thats why they have the market share that they do and while Apple will continue to try and give little morsels of scraps to their user base to keep them foaming at the mouth.

For those of you say people will switch now because of this dual boot feature, I ask you to consider the real world most people have budgets, and when they can buy 2-3 PC’s for the price of one Mac I know where I will put my dollars.

Apple supports dual booting OS X or Windows

An announcement by Apple today has sent shock waves through the computing community, Apple announced a product called Boot Camp that on the next release of OS X (Leopard) will allow people to dual boot into Windows. This is good news for those that have two computers on their desks now. The big question everyone will be asking is will applications run without issue as Apple is not going to support Windows only make it possible to load.

I am sure Windows hardware vendors are now going to have to take a long hard look at producing a computer that will run both operating systems. Microsoft may have something to say as well as they have a stake in protecting the vendors that build windows machines. [Apple]

I would predict though that if a Windows vendor like Dell or HP built a machine capable of running OS X that Apple may regret doing this as their hardware sales would go plummet