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Weblog Ping Servers are either broke or over loaded!

I have been watching our success rate at pinging major indexes over the past couple of weeks and I have drawn some conclusions. Most of the ping servers are broke big time and only a small portion of the pings are getting through. I have even went ahead and increased time-out times to ridiculous levels and to no avail the sites don’t pick up the pings.

IceRocket has not accepted a ping in over 2 weeks. This is the error message Ping ‘http://rpc.icerocket.com:10080’ failed: HTTP error: 302 Moved Temporarily, Weblogs.com Misses about 50% of the pings but hopefully Verisign will fix this during their server move. No wonder Yahoo podcast directory is not updating I am seeing this entry in about 80% of the attempts to ping them, ‘ failed.

Whats wrong with these sites. Technorati has about a 25% success rate, but others I am seeing a100% success rate, it appears the bigger sites just cannot handle the number of incoming pings?

State of the Blogsphere Oct 2005

Blogs continue to spread like wild fire and the number of bloggers is on track to double every 5 months which is pretty amazing considering that Technorati is tracking 19.6 million blogs. Sadly though they are seeing about 6% of those being created for the pure purpose of spam. China is leading the charge in growth rate of foreign blogs. Lots of great data in the report and has links to the data used to build the statistics that is reported. [David Sifry]

Yahoo Blog Search implementation is very odd!

I was jolted this morning when I realized that although Yahoo is including blogs in their regular news search be it in the margin, that I thought they had a direct way to get blog only results. Thier implementation is really weird, and you will see what I am talking about in the next paragraph. Unless I am missing something, what they have done here is horrible.

Click this link news and see what results you get, and then go to this link and you will see it re-directs to thier main news search page, search for Geek News, you end up with two separate sets of search results.

So unless I am missing something big here were is the direct link to this Blog search page? Really poor implementation unless I am just totally missing something.