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Ventuz and Blackmagic Presented 4K Graphics Solution at NAB

Ventuz logoVentuz Technology is a company that makes a real-time graphics content creation, authorizing, and playout control software. Blackmagic Design is a manufacturer of creative video technology. The two have teamed up to create a new solution that can be used for 4K Ultra HD broadcasts.

Their solution was on display at NAB. It streams uncompressed 4K video from a HyperDeck Pro 4K SSD recorder or a 4K camera to the Ventuz real-time render engine via a DeckLink 4K Extreme capture and playout card. Ventuz layers channel branding graphics into the live video stream and immediately outputs it through the DeckLink 4K Extreme to a 4K display.

Together, they have created an affordable, off-the-shelf, streamlined solution for people who do on-air productions. The software/hardware integration enables live on-air broadcast graphics without pre-rendering.

Blackmagic Design Ramps Up Their Production Hardware and Software

Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Design has not only been busy this year making excellent cameras but also updating their production hardware and software. Among the updates were the DaVinci Resolve 10. It now has a new tool set for sound sync. Resolve Live offers many new features including grading live from the camera. You can add as many nodes and color corrections as you like. The DaVinci Resolve allows the user to do multitrack editing with up to 16 channels of audio per clip and unlimited video and audio tacks in the timeline. It also allows the user to edit 3D projects with support for left and right eye clips. The color correction has also been upgraded. The DaVince upgrade will be available to all DaVince customers in Q3.

Blackmagic is also introducing the ATEM Production Studio 4K. This is the world’s first Ultra HD production switcher. It operates natively in Ultra HD, HD or SD. It has a total of 8 inputs, 4 6G-SDI and 4 HDMI. There are a multiple number of features that all work with Ultra HD. The switcher can monitor up to 8 sources. The user can work in Ultra HD and then down convert to a regular HD programming feed. You can do live aux switching directly from the front panel. There is an LCD for monitor the aux output.

The Blackmagic MultiDock is a solution for managing and editing media from HyperDeck disk recorders and cameras. A rack has 4 independent 2.5 inch disk docking slots. You can mount both regular hard disk and SSDS. It has its own built in power supple and a single thunderbolt connection to the computer. It has an independent SATA chip per slot for maximum speed. Disks can be stripped together for a disk array. It will be available in May for $595.

Blackmagic Design is also introducing the DeckLink Mini Recorder and DeckLink Mini Monitor. This is the PCIe plug in cards version of the UltraStudio Mini Recorder and UltraStudio Mini Monitor. It can fit into regular PCIe slots and is perfect for the PCIe slots found in rack mounts. It supports the same software for Windows, Mac and Linux that the regular DeckLink models do. It will be available in mid April for $145.00.

Blackmagic not only produces great video monitoring products but also excels in audio monitoring with the Blackmagic Audio Monitor. It is attractive with all the features that a professional needs. It has a SDI input, an LCD screen and a HDMI monitoring output built in. The SDI input can handle Ultra HD as standard. It is designed using machined metal,even the speaker grills so it not only works great but looks great. The level meters are customizable and the volume knob is contact-less so it will never wear out. It will be available in a few weeks for $1,495.

BlackMagic is also releasing a new model of their ATEM Studio Converter. It is also machine metal design. It had its own built in power supply. There are analog connections in the rear panel. It also works with the new 6G-SDI technology. There are controls on the front panel o operating the talk back. The director can talk directly to the camera operator without using headphones. There is a mic and speaker input built directly into the front panel. The ATEM Studio Converter will be available in May for $1,995.

As is expected, BlackMagic Design continues to produce quality hardware and software products for the professional in the field of audio and video at reasonable prices.