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Behringer Xenyx 502 Audio Mixer

Recently I purchased a Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer. Behringer is a German audio company which makes products such as mixers, studio monitors, amplifiers, midi controllers and other audio equipment.

The Behringer Xenyx 502 is one of their lower end mixers. It is a small audio mixer that is highly portable. You can add up to five audio inputs to the mixer including Skype, musical instruments and microphones. You can control each of them separately by turning the appropriate knob. There is also an input and output for a CD or Tape Deck. You can control gain, EQ, pan, low and level for the main input.  You can control the balance and level of the secondary inputs. There is a headphone input so you can hear exactly what you are recording. You can also control the levels going into your headphones. To output to your computer or recording equipment you can either use a 1/4 stereo plug or use an RCA cable with the CD and Tape deck output. I use the RCA cable since using the 1/4 stereo outputs would require a special adapter.

This is the first mixer I have purchase so I don’t have anything to compare it to. That being said so far I am happy with this mixer. It is highly portable and was fairly inexpensive at $40.00. However it does have its negative points. The first is there is no on/off switch. The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the power. When it is plugged in a bright led light comes on, which could be a problem in a dark room. A bit of masking tape can solve this problem easily. You use knobs for all the controls and I suspect that sliders would be easier to control. Despite these negatives, if you are looking for small portable mixer I would recommend taking a look at the Behringer Xenyx 502.


BEHRINGER will be introducing their EuroSound Consumer Branch at CES 2012.   BEHRINGER is a division of The Music Group and founded by Uli Beringer in 1989. BEHRINGER is a makers of award winning professional audio equipment.  Their mantra is “Double the features at half the Price”.  They design and produce loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers and DJ products including microphones, headphones. They also make wireless systems, musical instruments and lighting systems for both professional and amateur musicians. They have been producing quality equipment for over 20 years.

This year at CES they will be introducing the EuroSound. The EuroSound is a consumer branch with a professional sound.   There are four lines that are part of the EuroSound Division: Home Sound, Portable Sound, Live Sound and Sound Creation.  Home Sound includes Soundscape Air and the Eclipse XT.  THE Soundscape Air is a multi-room sound system made to be used with an iPod .   The Eclipse XT is a wireless subwoofer and sound bar.  Both are beautifully designed and easy to use. They look perfect in any room in the house. If you are looking for high performance sound at a reasonable price the BEHRINGER EuroSound Home line can’t be beat. If you want to leave the house there is no reason you can’t take the sound with you, that is where the Behringer’s Portable Sound division comes in. It allows you to take excellence sound with you where every you go. There is the MiniBlu an ultra portable rechargeable Bluetooth speakers with FM radio and USB included . If you just need a tough radio for a work zone or home improvement project then the Tuff Tunes is what you are looking for. It is an AM/FM water-resistant and practically indestructible radio. Whether you are hosting a party or speaking at a corporate event you may need a way to make announcements. Nothing is better for this at its price level than the Backyard Blaster, a portable PA system with an iPod Dock. The final line is the Sound Creation line which includes the Teachlite 54, a digital keyboard, that can teach you how to play piano and the iSCREAM. The iSCREAM is an all in one microphone and recording solution for the iPad. It allows you to produce professional like studio sound recordings without the professional prices.

Unfortunately at this time none of these products are for sale in the U.S. , they are waiting for approval from the FCC. Until they get that approval they can not be sold in the United States. BEHRINGER ran into some trouble with the FCC back in 2006 when they continued to sell products despite not getting FCC approval. BEHRINGER insisted it was due to a misunderstanding. Hopefully in this case approval will come quickly, in the mean time if you are at CES stop by Booth 15348 in the Central Hall to see them in action.