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Timbuk2: Boutique Cases for Laptops and Tablets

Timbuk2 If you like high quality bags and sleeves for your iPad or laptop, then you will be familiar with Timbuk2. Timbuk2 started in 1989 in San Francisco making bicycle messenger bags. Over time more and more of their clients were asking them if they had anything they could carry their laptops in. One of the first additions to their bicycle bags was a padded pouch in front where a laptop can put. Over time they added a cover over the zipper to make it more waterproof.

They also have padded sleeves for tablets, or ultra-books. These are made with a material that looks likes a waffle with small holes that allow air to flow thru and cool the product. Timbuktu calls this crater mesh. They also sleeves which allows you to carry a tablet and a laptop together. There is a strap on the back of the case which allows you to easily carry it. They also make a backpack which is great for students walking from class to class or going through an airport. The knapsack opens up and lays out flat, making it easier to get through airport security. They also make cases for the various Kindle products, known as the Professor line. By folding these cases you can turn them into stands.

Timbuk2 is still in San Francisco. Their prices range from $35 for tablet sleeve up to $129.00 for the messenger bag, Timbuk2 is a boutique brand. They will do custom bags, so you can choose the color and material that you want. You can buy Timbuk2 products from their Web site and through the Apple store or through Amazon. If you are looking for a US made bag that well constructed and customizable than you may want to take a look at Timbuk2.

Interview by Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast and Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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