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Audioburst Brings Personalized, On-Demand Audio to CES 2018

Audioburst logoIt’s always been easy to find text and even video-based information on the web. But for some reason, using search engines to find audio-based content is not as efficient. Countless outlets are posting podcasts and/or providing internet radio to millions of potential listeners every day. But the only way to find anything amongst all that media is to pull up your favorite podcast or streaming-radio app and hope you’re lucky enough to find something you really want to hear.

Assaf from Audioburst stopped by the booth to speak with Marissa. He talked about how Audioburst is working to create a searchable index of audio content. Audioburst’s index can then be used by third-party platforms such as connected radios or speech-activated assistants to provide playlists that are based on users’ interests. Audioburst identifies the audio sources that users like, which makes it easier for the platform to automatically provide similar content of interest.

Audioburst is primarily a business-to-business service. The company is working to be included in as many platforms as possible.

Marissa Schiereck is a contributor to F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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