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Toshiba 11″ Windows 7 Tablet

Todd casts his eye over Toshiba‘s upcoming Windows 7 tablet, with a larger than usual screen at 11.6″, Atom processor and dual cameras. Being very early to the booth, there was no one readily available to talk to, but as you can see from the video, the Toshiba tablet appears to be a prototype. The jury’s still out on the oversize screen on this one, but there were tablet designs for every possible configuration and use.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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No more Hackintosh Netbook?

Well apparently according to some sources like PCWorld, the newest update of Snow Leopard will kill the Hackintosh. 10.6.2 will not run on the ATOM processor, therefore knocking out all the instruction sets for any netbook running that version. Therefore, you will have to stay in a lower level to keep the machine running.

I really don’t understand why Apple is so Anti-hack. iPhone bricks – Palm Pre doesn’t get iTunes – now the hobbiest is not allowed to play? What’s next: controlled net neutrality? (you think I’m kidding, but I would guess if Apple had it’s way, there would be an iNternet)

We get it, Apple: You had the contracts with UMax and Motorola. Macintosh clones of ten years ago where you pulled those licenses. You even go against Psystar so they don’t profit off your work. But going against the tinkerer? Going against the core Geek?

Remember Apple – you run on an Open Source architecture in FreeBSD. While I’m not saying you should Open the OS, you might find that giving people the option may turn them to Apple products faster. They will flock to something they are used to. What is to stop someone from writing code that could closely mimic the Apple OS? What about someone that just writes code to make an OS that could Rival MacOS? Android, perhaps?

And while I will not cry Antitrust on this, I do have to ask the question: Why would I go with something that is so closed? I am wondering if they should re-review their 1984 commercial where the woman ran down the aisle with a hammer to smash out conformity. Who would have thought the old guy on the screen was Apple itself?

BTW – there is no mention on if these instruction set changes will affect any desktop Hackintosh system. You might just be safe….

…for now…

Atom over RSS your Kidding Right?

Well it has been a few months since someone got started on this debate again. It seems some engineer over at Amazon is saying Atom over RSS and he goes into quite a lengthy informative post about it, that makes a good read. But I’ll be honest when was the last time you visited a website that only had a Atom feed on it versus a RSS?

I did get a e-mail from someone tonight that said, “I clicked on the RSS button, and your page come up in code I could not read” he proceeded to tell me I had to fix it to make it look like a regular web page.

I explained to him that RSS is not meant to be read, but some services have converted peoples RSS into a page that can be read. I am not gonna talk about diminishing your brand on those services tonight, but what I will say is that even with the massive domination of RSS, and near non adoption of Atom the Amazon engineer words are likely wasted as their are no software tools built today to exploit all this functionality that Atom purportedly has. Meanwhile we will have to continue to educate consumers on exactly the benefits of RSS [www.unto.net]

Why does Sam Ruby have his nose in the RSS 2.0 Specification?

Hey Sam

You have Atom thats your Baby, the question I have is why are you involved in the RSS 2.0 specification discussion?
You have been very outspoken on RSS for all this time. Keep your hands off the RSS specification, or have you been given your marching orders by your employer IBM? I am not at all pleased that people with commercial interest are messing with the RSS standard that I and others have invested significant dollars into deploying sites that depend on the specification being rock solid, with your hands meddling in something that should not be happening in the first place makes me realize there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye! [Scripting News]


Google Reader

This was just released by Google and my initial 5 minutes impression is that they rely on Atom a great deal. I could not find my primary RSS feed from my site but everything Atom showed up. Hey Google where are all the RSS feeds? I did everything I could think of to find my RSS feeds and nothing

The viewer is really fast though as they cache the results and formatting looks good but I am going to reserve judgment for the time being, because if the reader does not support RSS it’s a looser out of the gate. [reader.google.com]

Update: I got the reader to accept RSS but for some reason it took some coaxing.