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Archerfish Solo – Intelligent Video Surveillance

Andy McCaskey investigates Debbie Shuey from Cernium Corp and the Archerfish Solo, an intelligent video surveillance system.

Most video surveillance systems can detect motion, but they do it indiscriminately. Trees blowing in the wind are as likely to trigger an alert as a burglar scaling a fence. This is where Archerfish Solo is different, in that it can identify the motion of people and cars and ignore cats and dogs.

Via their web portal, the user can see the video camera’s field of view and setup zones where the camera watches for vehicles or people, e.g. driveway, or where the camera ignores motion, e.g. the street in front of the house. If motion is detected, the camera sends information, including the video clip, via wifi onto the Archerfish web portal. The user can setup how to be notified – email, text message, MMS and so on.

If it works as advertised, this is all pretty useful and not too expensive either – available now for $349.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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