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Apple Store Robbery Gone Wrong (Video)

Perhaps the only light side of crime is when robberies go horribly wrong and end up as amusing stories.  It’s even better when there is video of the failure, which is becoming more common given the prevalence of surveillance cameras in our society.  Such was the case recently when three would-be thugs attempted to rob an Apple store by smashing their BMW SUV through the front window.

In-store cameras captured the mess as it unfolded.  Getting into the store wasn’t a problem and the thieves grabbed as many display products as possible.  However, a security gate closed behind the vehicle, blocking the getaway path.  After multiple attempts, the BMW eventually smashed it’s way out but, in the process, lost it’s license plate and gave the vehicle two flat tires.

After realizing his license plate had been left at the scene of the crime, Equonne Howard returned to the store to reclaim it and was promptly arrested.  On Wednesday he plead “not guilty” to charges of attempted burglary and parole violation.  Given the video and license plate though, he may have a tough time beating this rap.