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Ambarella will Demonstrate New Robotics Platform at CES 2020

Ambarella, an AI vision silicon company, today announced that it will demonstrate its new robotics platform during CES 2020. Based on Ambarella’s CVflow architecture, it targets automated guided vehicles (AGV), consumer robots, industrial robots, and emerging industry 4.0 applications.

The robotics platform provides a unified software infrastructure for robotic perception across Ambarella’s CVflow SoC family including the CV2, CV22, CV25, and S6LM. It provides easy access and acceleration for the most common robotics functions including stereo processing, key points extraction, neural network processing, and Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) functions.

“With all eyes on the future of home and industrial robotics, we are thrilled to introduce and demonstrate this high performance robotics platform during CES to our manufacturing partners and customers,” said Jerome Gigot, senior director of marketing at Ambarella. “Combining the best of Ambarella’s advanced imaging capabilities with our high-performance CVflow architecture for computer vision, the new platform will help enable a new breed of smarter and more efficient consumer and industrial robots.”

The platform supports both the Linux operating system as well as the ThreadX RTOS for systems requiring functional safety, and it comes with a complete toolkit for image turning, neural network porting, and computer vision algorithm development. It also supports the Robotics Operating System (ROS) for easier development and visualization. A rich set of APIs makes it possible for applications developers to efficiently run higher-level algorithms including optical flow, visual odometry, and obstacle detection.

The new robotics platform and its related development kits are available today and can be paired with various mono and stereo configurations, as well as rolling shutter, global shutter, and IR sensor options.

Ambarella will demonstrate the new platform to select customers and partners during CES 2020.