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Amazon GameOn Enables Cross-Platform Competitive Game Play

Amazon has launched Amazon GameOn. It is a set of flexible APIs built on AWS cloud infrastructure that works on any operating system. It was created to be an easy tool for game developers to use to drive engagement between their games and the people who play them.

GameOn is a set of flexible APIs built on AWS cloud infrastructure and works on any operating system, giving you the ability to scale quickly, while allowing you to invest more time in what you do best – designing great games. With GameOn you have an easy tool to bring more players in on the action – allowing them to compete for real world prizes fulfilled by Amazon or other in-game rewards. Drive engagement and increase monetization of your games by adding leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions to your games, or strengthen your fanbase by allowing players and streamers to create their own user-generated competitions.

Features include:

  • Real-world and in-game prizes: Reward your players with in-game and real-world prizes fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Flexible competition creation: Create new or recurring leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round tournaments.
  • User-generated competitions: Allow players to create and manage their own leaderboards and competitions
  • Easy management with the GameOn console: Manage competitions with ease and access reporting on player behavior.
  • Keep competition fun and fair: Define entry requirements such as geographic location, device type, player skill level, and more.
  • Engage fans at events: Create competitions at events like gaming conventions, music festivals and meetups.

To celebrate the launch of Amazon GameOn, Amazon is offering free use of the GameOn APIs until May 1, 2018, to all developers.