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Alarm.com Awarded Security Product of the Year at CES 2019

Alarm.com, the leading platform for the intelligently connected property, won Security Product of the Year at Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Awards for its new Smart Signal feature.

Smart Signal enables Alarm.com subscribers to signal their monitoring station directly from their Alarm.com mobile app, enabling faster response and reducing false alarms.

The award recognizes the best product designed to secure or enhance the security of residential properties, and was presented at CES 2019 – the largest and most influential tech event in the world.

“We are honored to have our latest innovation in smart home security recognized by the CTA Mark of Excellence Award as the Security Product of the Year,” said Anne Ferguson, Alarm.com Vice President of Marketing. “Consumers expect smart home technology to keep them safe and protected above all else. Smart Signal enhances the professional monitoring service and best-in-class mobile features that our service partner providers offer, delivering unmatched security and peace of mind.”

Smart Signal is an in-app emergency signaling feature that enables a property owner to communicate critical information directly to their property’s monitoring station from their smartphone.

Using their Alarm.com mobile app, property owners can trigger a panic alert notifying security professionals that they need help at their home or business, verify an alarm event to expedite emergency response, or cancel a false alarm from anywhere.

Monitoring stations can use real-time information from Smart Signal to dispatch police, fire, or emergency medical services to properties faster, respond to a wider range of emergencies, and reduce false alarms.

Smart Signal gives Alarm.com’s service provider partners another innovative and differentiated feature that enhances the overall value of professional monitoring services and allows them to address consumer concerns about false alarms.

Smart Signal is available now. Subscribers should contact their service provider to request Smart Signal.