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Transport Yourself Anywhere with Fascinating AR Apps Launching at CES 2018

AiFi was founded by former Google and Apple engineers. They are developing a unique solution to enable inexpensive cell phone cameras to understand detailed 3D shapes and activities about individual people and their surroundings. AiFi is showcasing Wonderlens and Holo Messenger apps at CES 2018.

Let your imagination run wild with two really cool AR apps making their debut at CES 2018. Wonderlens and Holo Messenger allow anyone to create compelling and artistic AR content on any iPhone and iPad. Explore the murky deep under the ocean, go to outer space, or visit one of the ancient wonders of the world with these simple and easy to use smartphone apps.

Both apps are powered by sophisticated technologies developed by AiFi, a stealth computer vision startup based in Silicon Valley. The apps deliver your own AR creations instantly and in real time with images that are more carefully cut and edited than what can be found anywhere else.

Wonderlens allows you to first instantly and in real time ‘segment yourself’ (cut your image out from whatever background is in your selfie, and ‘transport yourself’ to another background.) The Wonderlens app will make dozens of background images and videos available so you can be at the top of a mountain, swim with whales, visit Paris, live in a sci-fi world, or simply attend an event in another city.

It is the only app that lets you have a video in the background and instantly and in real time segment a moving image of yourself and place it in another video background. For example, it allows you to take a video of yourself dancing at home and input your dancing image into a concert video background with friends. It’s the next best thing to actually being there.

The Holo Messenger allows you to make yourself into a hologram to deliver a message, just like a Jedi in Star Wars.

Both Wonderlens and Holo Messenger showcase technology which AiFi will use for numerous consumer-facing use cases including retail environments for easy, fast automatic checkout-free shopping experience.

Wonderlens and Holo Messenger will be available to experience in person at CES 2018 at Eureka Park booth # 53068.

aiFi is a Stackable, Configurable Speaker System at CES

Aifi logoWith the invention of portable media players and earbuds, music listening moved from an inherently social event to an isolated experience. The problem has only been exacerbated over time, as boomboxes and portable stereo systems have fallen out of favor with consumers. aiFi is a new speaker system that’s looking to bring music back out into the open.

Scott met with Fredrik from aiFi. Fredrik explained that aiFi is a unique speaker system that can be used in multiple ways. One aiFi speaker works just fine on its own. But when it’s stacked with another aiFi speaker or setup with two or more other aiFi’s, the speakers will configure themselves, depending on the location of each aiFi. For example, stacking two aiFi’s will increase the bass response of each unit. Or, three aiFi’s could be placed together to create a sound-bar system for TV viewing. aiFi speakers accept input thru either bluetooth, optical line-in or standard audio line-in, so these speakers can be used with nearly any type of sound source.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the TechPodcast Network.

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