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Draft 2009 24hr Podcast Schedule!

Folks this is the rough draft and I am sure some times are going to change somewhat over the next couple of days. I also have some more participants to add. We have plenty of time slots for the middle of the night on the 13th please consider participating.

As a reminder this is a charity event to raise money for Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Donate Today. 100% of all Donations will go to this charity on December 21st 2009

Announcing the 3rd Annual 24hr Podcast!

24hrThe third annual 24hr podcast is slated for Saturday Dec 12th starting at 11am EST. It is a charity event to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.  You can follow them on Twitter @rmhc When my father was killed in an Automobile Accident several years ago my niece was with him. Her injuries resulted in long-term Intensive care. Without the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, Indiana my sister and her husband would have incurred huge financial cost to stay in hotels in the local community. Ronald McDonald house was there to help.

My family is grateful to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and I look forward to sending them a big fat check.  We have raised thousands of dollars in previous years to select charities as part of my annual 24hr podcast.  I encourage you to donate this year as well.

This year during the 24hr Podcast we will have a special event and that will be the 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony. I figure it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

S1If you want to appear on the 24hr Podcast I encourage you to send me an email @ geeknews@gmail.com, topics I cover with a variety of guest during the 24 hr event include. Podcasting, Science, Technology, Social Media and any other topic that I think will be of appeal to my listening base. This event has been well followed in years past and I look forward to another successful event.

Guest will be able to appear live this year on our newly configured video conferencing system, which install was finalized today.  This will make for a much more dynamic event. Audio conferencing will be provided once again by the good folks at TalkShoe.com

GNC-2007-12-21 #327

Special Edition of the Geek News Central Podcast recorded during the 24hr Podcast. All the regular great coverage plus the live components which were a lot of fun.

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Listener Links:
Interesting Trekkie Podcast
For those of you with Ink Issues with Printers
CSS Selector Test
IE Passes Acid2 Test
Airline Travel Resource
Microsoft vs Google over Office

Show Notes:
Mark Cuban Facebook Strategy
Doug Kaye on real Time Web
Congress finally to equal playing field in Radio
23 iTunes add on’s
OLPC Unboxing
Real Blue Man
Deep Impact new mission approved
Compaq and HP Bricking Bug
Stupid guy gets what he deserves
Unix Admin Pleads Guilty on Power Grid Sabotage
Nokia N96 in the wild
Micorchip can detect Tumors
A really good WiFi picture frame
IE8 and Browser Wars
Kent Nichols Ask a Ninja Blog
Digg is DOA
Steal my Content and Pictures Please
Think Secret and the Apple Gestapo
S3 as a end user product
Bet Winner NYT versus Weblogs
FCC Votes to Relax Ownership Rules

Cool Things I found
Six reasons to slow down eating
Fuel Economy and big Cars
Tires with Microchip Sensors
Don’t like shoes in the house?

24hr Podcast Starts Here at 11am EST

Video Feed Provided by Ustream.TV
Talk Live on the Show at my TalkShoe TalkCast

Dial in at +1 724–444–7444 Talkcast ID is 10832 or listen to the stream.

Benefit to Raise Money for One Laptop Per Child Please Donate via PayPal @ podcast@podcastconnect.com

The 24hr Podcast was completed this morning after 24 hours near continuous talk with the guest listed below having talked on a wide variety of topics including, Podcasting, Technology, Science, Family and Life.

We thank you for your attendance and participation. The recorded segments will be released at 24hrPodcast.com

$800.00 was raised for OLPC during the event!

Schedule of Guest that will be joining me! Hawaii is GMT -10

  • 0600 HST, 0800 PST, 1100 EST – Kickoff
  • 0630 HST, 0830 PST, 1130 EST  
  • 0730 HST, 0930 PST, 1230 EST
  • 0800 HST, 1000 PST, 1300 EST
  • 0830 HST, 1030 PST, 1330 EST
    • Matt Hill – Voyager II Scientist
  • 0900 HST, 1100 PST, 1400 EST
    • Angelo Mandato – Podcast Statistics Expert (RawVoice)
  • 1000 HST, 1200 PST, 1500 EST
    • Susan Bratton – Association of Downloadable Media
  • 1100 HST, 1300 PST, 1600 EST
  • 1130 HST, 1330 PST, 1630 EST
    • Jeff Hinz – Podcast Marketing Expert (RawVoice)
  • 1230 HST, 1430 PST, 1730 EST
    • Live Recording of Geek News Central Podcast
  • 1400 HST, 1600 PST, 1900 EST
    • Paul Sylvester and I Talk Podcasting 101
  • 1500 HST, 1700 PST, 2000 EST
  • 1530 HST, 1730 PST, 2030 EST
  • 1600 HST, 1800 PST, 2100 EST
    • Nerraux – The Awful Show
  • 1630 HST, 1830 PST, 2130 EST
  • 1700 HST, 1900 PST. 2200 EST
  • 1730 HST, 1930 PST, 2230 EST
  • 1800 HST, 2000 PST, 2300 EST
  • 1830 HST, 2030 PST, 2330 EST
  • 1900 HST, 2100 PST, 0000 EST
    • Carl Weisbrod PHD – Podcasting open Forum
  • 1930 HST, 2130 PST, 0030 EST
  • 2000 HST, 2200 PST, 0100 EST
    • Tom Marquette – Footnote Podcast
    • Lets Talk Music and Podsafe Music
  • 2100 HST, 2300 PST, 0200 EST
    • Eric Cartman – Australia Erk Pod
  • 2200 HST, 0000 PST, 0300 EST
    • Available Slots
  • 0030 HST, 0200 PST, 0530 EST
    • Andy McCaskey – Slashdotreview
  • 0100 HST, 0300 PST, 0600 EST
    • Brad McFadden – TwoBlindSquirrels.com
  • 0200 HST, 0400 PST, 0700 EST
    • Cal Curtis – Australia CalCast Podcast
  • 0300 HST, 0500 PST, 0800 EST
  • 0400 EST, 0600 PST, 0900 EST
    • Available Slot
  • 0500 EST, 0700 PST, 1000 EST
  • 0530 EST, 0730 PST, 1030 EST
    • Wrap Up
    • Raffle of OLPC Laptop or Laptops if we hit Goal
  • 0600 EST, 0800 PST, 1100 EST
    • GoodNight