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The current studio is on its 9th upgrade over 15 years with the latest being the biggest as I moved from Hawaii to Michigan where I moved into a dedicated space. Back in 2004, I started with a cheap Logitech headset and a laptop. The studio today has grown into a full production center. I often get asked for details on the setup.

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Updated Jan 2020: The video part of the Studio is now 100% IP based using Newtek NDI capability. The studio is now in a configuration that I hope will last me 5 years. Everything at this has been optimized for media production, which has extended to the gear that I now travel with. What’s funny is that there is gear coming on the market today that would have saved me a lot of money if it had been out just a year earlier. But it is like anything else you but something and the following week the gear is obsolete. I have no doubt though the investment I have made will carry me forward many years.

Complete Studio Pictures.
Skype Wiring Setup for Podcasting.

iMac Pro with two Monitors – Show Machine
MacBook Pro for Stream Monitor
1x Mac Mini  -Ustream Video Stream
MacPro Post Video Production
2x Monitors HP
4x Monitors Dell

Blue Shure SMB7 (Host Mic)
Heil Boom PL-2T

Heil Pr-40 (Guest Mics)

Video Production
Newtek Tricaster TC1.
Newtek NDI Scan Converter for Screen Share
Newtek NDI Spark HDMI to NDI
2x Mac Minis for HD Skype Video Calls
Secondary Video Capture Black Magic Design H.264 Pro Recorder
Newtek NDI PTZ Camera x2
Data Video PTZ PTC-150
2x Magwell SDI – USB Video Capture Dongle
2x Manfrotto 196B-2 + Desk Mount + Camera Mount
1x Manfrotto 196b-3  + Desk Mount + Camera Mount

3x Elation TVL 2000
1x LightPanel 1×1 flood

Audio Processing
Windows 10 PC Adobe Audition Audio Recording
Mackie ONYX 1620i
Solo/610 Mic Amplifier
Compellor 320a
DBX 215 Equalizer
2x Furman Power Conditioner

Chair – Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair (ME7ERG)

Podcast Hosting Audio and Video

Netgear 1GB Backbone
Spectrum Cable 300/20
Hawaiian Telecom DSL  60/10

17 HD Security Cameras “Monitored”.
Commercial Security System

Updated  January 2020

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