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Are your kids on MySpace?

Well tonight my wife came home after visiting the neighbors, and said guess who we found on MySpace. Apparently MYSpace was a topic of discussion, and my wife was quite surprised that my 16 year old daughter who lives with my ex-wife has a “popular” MySpace account. Apparently the mom next door had discovered her own kids account just a few days before.

I knew my daughter had an account of course as I have been quietly following along for some time, and actually have had to restrain the dad instincts as much as possible. But the question you need to ask is, are you counseling your kids on the digital world, or do you find yourself falling behind in this ever changing digital age?

It is not surprising that our digital kids are hanging out in the digital world, it is important to monitor your kids and advise them the best you can. Meanwhile the dad in me would love to have a digital eraser but I guess that is what being a parent is all about.