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Comcast hires people to sit in seats during FCC Hearing

Comcast was involved in FCC hearings in which the FCC attempted to get to the bottom of their P2P traffic shaping that has caused P2P users on Comcast to have their outbound traffic delayed.

Their were representatives from organizations at the hearing as well that were speaking on behalf of consumer rights. The public was allowed to attend these hearings as well.

It turns out that Comcast hired a bunch of people to fill the public seating at the hearing. In a brazen move to keep critics out of the hearing.

It is my opinion that the FCC should re-open these hearings in light of this revelation. It is obvious that the stakes are very high and Comcast is doing everything in their power to stifle the voice of the people.

The RIAA wants to Litigate “Fair Use” away — A Gross Injustice!

In the past 20+ years I have probably purchased 1000 CD’s. When I was a DJ I purchased 12-inch singles for club tracks. All told I probably have 1500, 12-inch singles, not to mention at least 2000 individual tracks of music since the advent of the Internet.

Going way back to when I was a Teenager, I purchased 8 track Albums and recorded songs off the radio because I had very little money. When cassettes came out I bought every single album I had on 8-track and over time, replaced radio recordings with cassette albums. When CD’s came out I replaced every single cassette I had.

All told, there are a significant number of albums I have paid for at least 3–4 times. It will be a cold day in hell before I purchase an MP3 Track that I already have on current media! I will continue to enjoy the music I have paid for in whatever format I choose to consume it.

Shockingly, the RIAA is now saying that it is ILLEGAL for me to rip any of the 1000 CD’s I have to MP3, and it is also ILLEGAL for me to rip any of the 12-inch Vinyl Albums I have to MP3’s

Let me be very clear: I have never stolen a song, I have always paid for music that I own. I have been a good customer, I have paid my way. Yet the RIAA is saying today that we are all now criminals for ripping music that we have LEGALLY purchased.

Here is a message to all of the recording companies that support the RIAA “I will never ever buy an Album, Single, go to a concert or purchase anything from any of your signed artists so long as you continue to support the RIAA”.

From this day forward I don’t care if you company has DRM-free music or not, you will not get a penny of my money, nor my children’s money, and anyone else I can influence through my podcast and this website.

Fair Use is a RIGHT and I will exercise my rights with my current music collection!

The language I want to call your consortium is not fit to print here. The Gross Injustice being played out in the referenced court case makes the RIAA scum and those that advocate for the RIAA no better.

The music companies are culpable in the RIAA actions, as they are allowing this Gross Injustice. They have chosen through contracts and yearly multi-million dollar contributions to allow this organization to speak on their behalf, the actions of the RIAA and the Record Companies that support them are Anti-American! 

I am disturbed to the core ,and I can only pray that artists and music consumers in this country wake up and call for the disbanding of the RIAA. Washington Post

T-Mobile Blocking Twitter SMS

Well, this is going to turn into a firestorm of unbelievable proportions. With T-Mobile blocking Twitter SMS, they have just turned a significant number of bloggers and Twitter users into their arch enemy. I predict within several days T-Mobile will have no choice but to reverse course on this.

I pay for unlimited Text Messages with T-Mobile and I bet that they are not happy that literally thousands of text messages are coming into my phone and the thousands of others using their service.

To block a service that I am paying for is criminal in my opinion. T-Mobile, I have been with you a long long time and I can guarantee that the $1700.00 plus I spend with you each year and the 4 mobile phones I have would be served just as well on Verizon or another carrier.

If you are a T-Mobile user and have a twitter account I would call and ask them why they are blocking the service and raise a big stink. Make the telephone call painful on them. If we tie up their customer service lines enough they will know they have a PR nightmare on their hands.

See the full story

Comcast Customers Should Protest

Thankfully I do not live in a area serviced by Comcast. Sadly though many of you do, and some of you have no choice to use an alternative carrier as Comcast has a monopoly in some areas that they serve.

With the confirmation last week that Comcast was blocking BitTorrent traffic, I am sure many people are just seeing red. While I use BitTorrent everyday for legitimate uses like delivery of my podcast, I can only imagine the frustration people are feeling.

Comcast has decided to ignore Net Neutrality and go their own way. Meanwhile, it is being reported that they are blocking legitimate traffic from business applications as well.

Actions taken by Comcast cannot be tolerated and those affected by their blocking need to start holding some protests outside of Comcast offices to inform the public at large that they are blocking legitimate services from being utilized.

Comcast should not be involved in censoring what people do with their Internet connection. If the person is using the connection for supposed illegal purposes that is not for Comcast to deal with unless informed by law enforcement.

Since they are now examining and killing BitTorrent and supposedly other business traffic, I feel that Comcast is now setting itself up to have to police all of their traffic. If you’re gonna sniff a small section of the traffic, you are then telling the world that they know what is moving around on their network thus should be responsible to monitor it all.

No longer can they say they have no control over what customers do, because what they have done is essentially hacked their customers connections.

It’s pretty scary when you think about it. Your own ISP snooping on what you do. If you have a choice please look at a different carrier. Second if you are in a area that is a monopolized by Comcast take your grievance to your local city council. Finally, get some signs and go protest at the local Comcast offices. EFF

Viacom hit Video creator with Copyright Infringement on his own Video

This is simply amazing. A guy creates a video, puts in on You Tube. VH-1 who’s parent company is Viacom takes the video off YouTube and plays it in on of their shows without permission. Then the video creator grabs the segment from VH-1 and puts in back on YouTube with commentary inter-spliced.

Viacom obviously thought fair use was in play when they used the clip on a VH-1 program but claimed copyright infringement when he reposted it. Simply incredible.


Comcast throttles BitTorrent Users?

If this indeed turns out to be true, and it is proven Comcast is throttling BitTorrent users to the point that BitTorrent is not usable this is going to get ugly. Their are unconfirmed reports that Comcast is preventing seeding of torrents by the usage of Sandvine broadband traffic management equipment.

I use BitTorrent on a regular basis for valid reasons to include distributing my podcast. So much for network neutrality! Thank goodness I am not a Comcast customer. The Register

FCC Betrayed the Trust of all Americans!

I knew I was going to be disappointed today when the FCC announced the auction rules for the 700mhz Spectrum. They had a chance to allow for true innovation. Instead they have once again allowed companies like AT&T and Verizon to have a walled garden.

I am severely pissed off. Sure, the rules state that the spectrum must have Open Devices and Open Applications but the FCC threw out the baby with the bath water when they reversed course on what could have been the most positive wireless spectrum development since the invention of the radio when they closed the door and are going to allow CLOSED SERVICES and CLOSED NETWORKS.

I am truly unhappy and I hope you are as well. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call anyone and everyone you know with influence and tell them how you really feel about this.

The problem is that the majority of Americans are quite content with these companies getting their way every time. It is beyond criminal to say the very least. Google


Forcing Digital Rights Management into Internet radio!

Has all of the drama over the past few months on the increase in payment rates that streaming radio stations would have to pay be tied back ultimately to DRM.

If you look at what has transpired over the past couple of months, SoundExchange was able to push through astronomical rate increases through the copyright board that would have devastated the online radio business. They knew this from the very start, and the provision were so ridiculous that they had to know the backlash that would result.

Then in the 12th hour they made some overtures of being nice in delaying the price increase when they could have done so months earlier! SoundExchange announced a reprieve in the pricing increase. But as always the devil is in the details.

I firmly believe that the SoundExchange has pulled of an amazing bait and switch, in a statement they released it is obvious what their true objectives really are.

 “SoundExchange has offered to cap the $500 per channel minimum fee at $50,000 per year for webcasters who agree to provide more detailed reporting of the music that they play and work to stop users from engaging in ‘streamripping’—turning Internet radio performances into a digital music library,”

This tells me that the SoundExchange has been planning this all along, and now will have the political clout to twist the arm of Internet streamers. This is like saying oh you can have the lower rates if you implement DRM but if you don’t we are going to stick you with the new rate plan, and you will pay dearly for not doing as we desire.

This is best double play in years and sadly those that are most at risk remain the small players, as most will not have the technology nor the funds to implement DRM on streaming media. In the end consumers once again loose big time!

Russia shuts down

I am not surprised the the Russians have shut down they have been under considerable pressure for some time. But just as the PirateBay went of the map for a few days, I am betting that will be back on the grid some place else in short order. was very popular with a lot of people and I am sure the owners are quite rich. It just goes to prove that if you make music available at high enough quality not wrapped in DRM people will pay and download files by the thousand.

Note: The linked article says a clone is already up and doing business under a different domain.

Amendment would BAN all DVD Copying

In what will be a mortal strike to Fair Use! The amendment is currently being considered by the Content Protection Advisory Council (CPAC) of the DVD CCA. If voted on the current copy protection license governing DVDs would eliminate all DVD backups, and restrict DVD playback without the DVD being in the DVD player.

This means through hardware changes you would not be able to RIP a DVD to your HD. You would not be able to play a DVD you had purchased through your Computer Media center unless you had the disk. They would within 18 months of this amendments approval force manufactures worldwide to build in anti copying technology.

This is an attempt to strike down fair use rights and pit every consumer against those trying to ram this through.

“The amendment was proposed by Chris Cookson of Warner Bros., Ben Carr of Walt Disney Studios, Jeffrey Lawrence of Intel, Gabe Beged-Dov of Hewlett-Packard, David Harshman of Toshiba, and Andy Parsons of Pioneer Electronics”

What is driving this is the desire to kill Kaleidescape a company that won a court ruling that allows them to rip DVD to a media system that allows playback of DVDs without the DVD.

The broader implications in this are significant.