Chrome Address Bar Gets Smarter Autocomplete

Google is rolling out a series of updates to the address bar (or Omnibox) in Chrome that improvises the accuracy of autocomplete across the desktop and mobile browser, 9to5Google reported.

Instead of an autocomplete only working if you typed the beginning of a URL correctly, the Chrome address bar on desktop will complete “based on any word you’ve previously used to search for a website.”

For example, “flights” would autocomplete to instead of you needing to first enter

Misspelled URL names will now be detected and return suggestions based on previously visited websites on Chrome for Android, iOS, and desktop.

Google provided more information on The Keyword blog, titled: “5 Chrome address bar updates to speed up your search”. It was posted by Jesse Lee, Product Manager, Chrome.

Chrome can help you quickly find the website you’re looking for, even if you made typos, can’t remember the URL, or need suggestions.

As the days get shorter this fall, you might be looking for ways to maximize your time. Luckily, five improvements are coming to Chrome’s address bar to help you browse even faster.

1 Smarter autocompletion

Previously, Chrome would only autocomplete URL’s in the address bar if you typed the beginning of one correctly. So you had to know, for instance that the Google Flights site started with Starting in Chrome on desktop, the address bar will now autocomplete URL’s based on any word you’ve previously used to search for a website. So now, if you simply type “flights,” Chrome will autocomplete to “https:/”

2 Automatic typo corrections

If you misspell a URL name in the address bar, Chrome can now detect those typos and immediately show you suggestions based on your previously visited websites. This new feature is available today for Chrome on desktop, Android and iOS.

3 Searches within bookmark folders

You can now search within your bookmark folders right from the Chrome address bar on desktop and mobile. Just include the folder name in your search, and you’ll see suggestions from that collection.

4 Suggestions for popular sites

It can be hard to remember the name of a website your friend recommended. Starting today on desktop and mobile, Chrome will suggest popular sites even if you’ve never visited them or mistyped the URL. So, say your friend mentioned checking out Google Earth to scout the difficulty of a hiking trail, but it’s your first time visiting the site. As you begin to type “Google Earth” in Chrome’s address bar, Chrome will suggest the Google Earth website in the drop-down.

5 Faster, easier-to-read results

Thanks to an improved visual layout, the Chrome desktop address bar is now easier to read. It’s also more responsive, so you’ll get even faster results as soon as you start typing.

TechCrunch reported that the address bar will now suggest popular sites even if you haven’t visited them before, or if you have mistyped the URL. Now, when you start typing the name of a popular website, the address bar will show you the website’s URL in the list of suggestions. From there, you can select it to go there directly without having to first search the name and then click on the search results.

Personally, the only thing I use Chrome for is to see maps and character sheets online when playing TTRPG games with my friends. As a Mac user, I would prefer not to have to use Chrome, but there often is no better alternative for TTRPG online gaming.