ResiTire Displays Tires Made from Nitinol at CES 2021

Case Western Reserve University, for the eighth straight year, will showcase an array of science, engineering and technology innovation from Case Western Reserve students, faculty and alumni at CES 2021. One of the projects they are highlighting is called ResiTire.

ResiTire is a reusable, airless tire that eliminates flats without sacrificing performance. ResiTire is licensing NASA’s Superelastic Tire technology and adopting it for terrestrial applications. They have two prototypes currently and are working on securing proper lab and manufacturing space to begin developing a military-grade prototype of their tire.

ResiTire uses NASA space-age alloys to defy Earth’s toughest elements. They are using an advanced shape memory alloy called Nitinol that is elastic like rubber, and strong like steel. Nitinol is the main component of their tires and makes them resistant to weather, leaks, slashes, tears and anything else thrown at it.

CEO and founder of ResisTire, Igor Tutelman, who received his master’s degree in data analytics from Case Western Reserve last fall, will display a space-age alloy called nitinol, which his company is using to make long-lasting, non-rubber tires. The material, which comes in wire form, has properties which make it elastic like rubber, stronger than titanium and ‘programable’ (with the addition of heat) to make different shapes, Tutleman said.

ResiTires are just the beginning. While they are developing the world’s best tire, the company has big aspirations for the future. They plan to continue to use Nitinol and other shape memory alloys in other systems components. ResisTire’s goal right now is to reimagine the wheel, but tomorrow, they want to reinvent the way we live.

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