3D Music Showcases 3D Printed Violins at CES 2021

Case Western Reserve University, for the eighth straight year, will showcase an array of science, engineering and technology innovation from Case Western Reserve students, faculty and alumni at CES 2021. One of the projects they are highlighting is called 3D Music.

Matthew Canel, a mechanical engineering grad student set to graduate in 2021, and 2013 graduate Ben Kaufman will demonstrate their quarter-sized 3D-printed violins, designed to fit the smaller hands of young players. The instruments will be available for purchase starting CES week.

The duo had attended CES 2020 to gauge market interest, Canel said. The violins pre-ordered during CES are expected to cost around $400, a price lower than those of similar quality already on the market, they said.

“Violins are an expensive instrument for many families with young children and those that are less expensive are often subpar in quality, made with chemicals such as formaldehyde or to subpar standards and they don’t sound right,” Canel said. “Ours play and sound like a wood instrument, but are much more durable for use by children.”

Kaufman said the instruments, which ware 3D-printed from one of the few plastics that does not contain warning due to its chemical stability and minimal out-gassing – are also thermally resistant, meaning that they are more likely to maintain their tune after being exposed to heat or cold.

3D Music has a YouTube video in which you can listen to how the sound of their 3D printed quarter-sized violin compares to the sound of a traditional student violin.