Brizo Presents the First Underwater 3D Tracker for Divers at CES 2020

Brizo has created the first underwater 3D tracker for divers. Their kickstarter began on December 18, 2019. Brizo is at CES 2020 at Eureka Park Booth #51511 Sands Hall G.

Log underwater paths with a sort of GPS device like we can do onshore. Brizo is a newborn project of the Vicenza (Italy) based startup Oengineering S.R.L., developed side by side with Italian researchers and marine biologists and it aims to revolutionize the underwater activities world and to contribute to the marine environmental monitoring and conservation.

The strength of Brizo is that is very easy to use and handle: you just have to wear it, turn it on and dive, the dive logs all the data completely autonomously. Brizo is able to GPS geo-reference the starting point of the dive (and emersion), on the water or onshore, and it can record the 3D diving path underwater with a maximum depth of 120 m. Moreover, Brizo records attitude, direction, diving length, velocity and acceleration.

During the dive, simply pushing the Brizo button, it is possible to register the geographical coordinate of Points of Interest (POI), like for example natural and historical spots, organisms and interesting areas.

Data can be downloaded in a dedicated Data Cloud and they can be visible via the Brizo App, which can be downloaded on smartphones, tablet and PC. This app gives the possibility of visualizing and analyzing in details the 3D diving path, share it with contacts and add notes and pictures/videos to the POIs.

Brizo can be worn with straps or elastic bands, it has 48 hours of battery life and is rechargeable via the dedicated cable and a standard USB connection.

Brizo is not only a positioning device but a multi-parametric probe, recording physical and chemical data that are useful to better understand the sea environment status. It has a specific wet area in direct contact with the seawater in order to log temperature, pressure and water electrical conductivity. These are fundamental parameters to study the ocean evolution in time and, thanks to Brizo they can be recorded by all the divers worldwide.

2 thoughts on “Brizo Presents the First Underwater 3D Tracker for Divers at CES 2020

  1. It could be very interesting in order to fix the POI during dving exploration and geotag pictures.
    Will see … but interesting!

  2. I can see this being popular with working divers, but for recreational divers, it’s a bit pricey, especially at RRP.

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