Sleep Number’s Climate360 Bed has Personal Microclimates at CES 2020

Sleep Number launched the first commercialized smart bed at CES 2014. This year, they are excited to unveil all-new innovations to its 360 smart bed portfolio at CES 2020.

The new Climate360 smart bed has advanced technology that helps you fall asleep faster and effortlessly keep you there. It’s the first ever bed to offer personal microclimates that automatically adjust to you, creating the ultimate sleep oasis.

A CES 2020 “Best of Innovation,” Sleep Number’s Climate360 smart bed features advanced temperature technology that is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. It works by gently warming either side of the bed-proven to send you to sleep faster.

Then, it actively cools the sleeper’s body several degrees with ambient air, balancing the sleeper’s temperature, to keep them asleep longer. Additionally, the Climate360 offers the other signature features of the 360 smart bed, including automatic adjustments to keep the sleeper resting comfortably throughout the night and personalized sleep insights available through SleepIQ technology.

Sleep Number is also introducing advancements to its award-winning 360 smart beds. SleepIQ technology, the operating system of the 360 smart bed, will provide wellness reports that deliver personalized insights to the sleeper around heart rate variability, circadian rhythm, sleep data and more.

New temperature-balancing layers and comfort technologies will address common sleep disturbances and provide superior comfort – and, of course, the bed will continue to sense and respond to the sleeper’s movement and personal biometrics, automatically adjusting firmness, comfort and support on each side throughout the night.

Visit Sleep Number at CES 2020 Booth #44113.