Mencom’s AUX-Bluetooth Receiver Looks Like a Lipstick

Mencom was founded in 2006. They are a professional manufacturer focusing on Bluetooth products including Bluetooth speakers, receivers and transmitters, headsets, and accessories.

Mencom has a Lipstick AUX-Bluetooth receiver. It looks like a closed lipstick, and it comes in three colors. (The receiver does not work as an actual lipstick.) There is a MFB Button on the side of the Lipstick AUX-Bluetooth receiver. The charging port is behind the cover.

Use the Lipstick Receiver:

  • As a Bluetooth output in your car
  • To convert a wired earphone to Bluetooth
  • To convert a wired headphone to Bluetooth
  • To convert a wired speaker to Bluetooth
  • Key specifications:

    • Product size: 12x50mm
    • Materials:PC +aluminum
    • Bluetooth 4.1 which have Wi-Fi sound quality
    • Aluminum housing
    • Up to 15 meters effective range
    • Connect to two cell phones at a time
    • High sensitivity Mic for handsfree calling
    • Noise cancellation integrated
    • Low power consumption which ensure it can last up to 5 hours
    • Convert car to Bluetooth instantly