Hatch Baby Debuts Three New IoT Parenting Products at CES 2017

Hatch Baby, the leading smart parenting company, announced the debut of its new line of smart nursery products at CES 2017. Hatch Baby has added new “Grow”, “Listen”, and “Rest” products to its smart nursery suite to help make parenting and pregnancy easier.

The three new Hatch Baby products, “Grow, “Listen”, and “Rest” are smart IoT nursery devices that connect wirelessly to a parent’s smartphone to make pregnancy, parenting, and sleep easier and more intuitive than ever before. Rest is available for purchase on the Hatch Baby website. Grow and Listen are now available for pre-order on the website and will hit store shelves in the first half of 2017.

“Rest” is a combination smart night light, sound machine, and Ok-to-wake device that parents control from their smartphones, to help create the ideal sleep environment as their child transitions from baby to toddler.

“Listen” is a fetal doppler that allows expecting parents to listen to their growing baby’s heartbeat from home, see visualizations and share recordings with loved one online.

“Grow” is a second generation smart changing pad that tracks key baby health metrics like weight, feedings, and diaper changes wirelessly. It syncs with a parent’s smartphone to track baby’s health over time.

The new line follows the smashing success of Hatch Baby’s flagship product, the Smart Changing Pad, which debuted at CES and on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2016. The new products are available to demo at the Hatch Baby booth, located at BT108 in the Baby Tech Pavilion at The Sands.