Bioreline Launches VisoDerm Skin Analyzer at CES 2017

People who want to improve their skin tend to reach for specialized lotions that can help with that. Others change their diet in the hopes that doing so will fix their skin problems. Bioreline (part of the French startup Neobie) has come up with a new solution. Bioreline is launching their new connected skin analyzer at CES 2017.

Bioreline’s new connected skin analyzer is called VisoDerm. It is associated with Bioreline’s organic cosmetics range. According to Bioreline, both VisoDerm and their cosmetics are based on the Vegebiotic (or vegetal science of the skin.) Co-founders of Neobie, Martine and Daniel Constant, are convinced that using all the parts of a plant guarantees a high concentration of active ingredients in their organic cosmetics, and that this is what the body needs.

VisoDerm was created and developed based upon recommendations by beauty professionals. It is compsed of an optical probe that is connected to image processing software. It delivers an objective and scientific skin diagnosis and establishes a personalized skin care treatment as well as a follow-up of the results.

The VisoDerm probe is equipped with 5 million pixels, enabling users to enlarge an image 50 times for a highly accuracte scan of the skin using 4 different lights: visible, scattered (epidermis analysis), polarized (dermis analysis), and UV (pore analysis). VisoDerm also provides an analysis of the skin focused on the following parameters: rate of hydration, sebum secretion, redness, stain, skin complexion, skin structure, pores and wrinkles.

VisoDerm can give you a printable “beauty prescription” that identifies the exclusive treatments at a Biorline Institute and the specific Biorline products that can result in visible and lasting skin improvement.

Visit Neobie at CES 2017 at booth number 50636.