2breathe Sleep Inducer Wins 2017 CES Innovation Award

2breathe-sleep-inducer2breathe Technologies is a leading pioneer of digital therapeutic devices. They have announced that their 2breathe Sleep Inducer has been selected as an Innovation Award Honoree in the CES Fitness, Sports, and Biotech product category. The product was showcased at CES Unveiled New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

2breathe induces sleep via guided breathing using a full-pattern Bluetooth respiration sensor and patented real-time coaching technology. Guiding tones composed from the user’s breathing prolong exhalation to reduce neural sympathetic activity and induce sleep. A detailed session report shows users the number of breaths taken, how well they followed the tones and when they fell asleep.

The underlying technology for 2breathe is based on the founders’ first product, RESPeRATE. It was invented by co-founder and CEO of 2breathe, Erez Gavish, and his father, scientist Dr. Benjamin Gavish. When 90% of RESPeRATE users reported an improvement in sleep, they decided to adopt the guided breathing technology onto a smartphone and created the 2breathe Sleep Inducer solution.

2Breathe Technologies Ltd. Will be at CES 2017 at booth #51044.