Heed Audio Introduces the Elixir

heed-audio-elixirHeed Audio has a motto: “Forget hi-fi – remember music!” The company designs and manufactures its lines of CD transports, DACs, speakers, and amplification components in Budapest, with parts from around the world. Heed has introduced the Elixir Integrated Amplifier.

The Elixer has a neat place amongst Heed Audio’s Transcap technology amplifiers. It is the purest music performer of all, without any technical compromise and presents the music effortlessly. Besides the power amplifier, the headphone stage also benefits from the basic idea of the Transcap technology. Class-A darlington-driven capacitor-coupled outputs feed your headphones like nothing else.

The MN phono stage is based on the Questar’s circuit. As the standalone amp, this integrated incarnation is thick and warm and provides a great overall amplification for nearly all kinds of MM cartridges. It’s a very easy way to find your way back into the analogue domain and vinyl records.


  • 4 analogue and 1 MM phono inputs
  • Class-A headphone amplifier
  • Transcap – output capacitor technology
  • Discrete bipolar transistor architecture