Sleep Better with Sleepace at CES

Sleepace LogoSleep is great. Not only does it refresh you for the coming day, your behaviour while asleep can provide indicators to health issues such as sleep apnea. Howard Borenstein, President of Sleepace takes Jamie through snooze system.

Sleepace compromises three components. First is the Reston, a flat band which goes under the mattress and records night-time behaviour. Second a complementary smartphone app which downloads the data via Bluetooth from the Reston and show stats about your shut-eye. The app helps you understand and improve your sleep, highlighting issues such as sleep apnea or heart rate problems. Finally the Nox light helps you get to sleep by producing red light and later gently wakes you from slumber.

This is the only non-wearable sleep tracking system I’ve seen, so if you don’t like wearing anything in bed (!), check it out. The Reston band is available now and the full Sleepace system including the Nox will be available in March or US$279.

Jamie Davis is the host of Health Tech Weekly at He is a nurse, paramedic and health journalist.

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