Healbe GoBe Wearable Calorie Counter

Healbe LogoImagine being able to calculate your calorific intake without all the measuring, the weights, the kilo-this and calorie that. Healbe reckons they can do it automatically with their GoBe, a wrist-worn tracking device. Jamie checks it out with George Mikaberydze, Co-founder at CES Unveiled.

Healbe GoBeOn first inspection the GoBe looks like a bigger than average strap mounted fitness tracker but turning the device over shows that it perhaps does a little bit more. The GoBe uses Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology to measure calorie intake through the skin by reading the glucose in your cells. The changes in glucose lets the device accurately estimate the calories consumed at each meal. As you’d expect from any fitness tracker, the GoBe measures activity, heart rate, sleep, hydration and stress.

The GoBe and the FLOW technology is not without its critics but there’s an interesting article at the BBC where the writers conduct a supportive though unscientific experiment.

The GoBe is available now for US$249.99 from Healbe.

Jamie Davis is the host of Health Tech Weekly at HTWeekly.com. He is a nurse, paramedic and health journalist.

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