Concepter Improves Your Photos With iBlazr2

Concepter logoTaking photos with your smartphone can be difficult if the lighting conditions aren’t good. Concepter has solved this problem with a small, yet powerful, LED device. It is called iblazr2 and is the second generation of Concepter’s iblazr flash series.

Daniel spoke with Vlad from the Concepter company at CES 2016. Vlad demonstrated what you can do with the iblazr2. It is a small LED flash that can be attached to any smartphone with a clip. It is also possible to hold the iblazr2 in your hand and tap on it to trigger the camera on your smartphone.

You can control the light temperature on the iblazr2 by sliding your finger across a sensor on the back of the device. Slide up to raise the temperature of the light and down to lower it. It is also possible to raise and lower the light temperature through an app. The light goes from 3000 kelvin up to 5600 kelvin. The battery in the device will last for about one hour on the first power mode and about 25 minutes on the second power mode. Charge the iblazer2 via a micro USB cable.

The iblazr2 is priced at $59. It is available through the Concepter website.

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