Kensington Integrates Smartphones and Desktops at CES 2016

Kensington LOGOKensington is a worldwide leader in delivering smart, safe, simple desktop and mobile computing accessories. At CES Unveiled 2016, it is giving a “sneak peak” of several new computing products that demonstrate the company’s ongoing vision and commitment to enhance productivity by integrating smartphones and computers at the desktop.

Often, users are working with two or more computing devices at their desktop. This can lead to a chaotic experience involving multiple devices, files, and operating systems. As a result, users are faced with the burden of creating a separate computing environment with more accessories and too many choices – creating a cluttered landscape that is both inefficient and inconvenient.

While mobile computing products have enriched users and how they work, there is often a struggle to integrate devices and their associated accessories. An increasingly agile desktop system that focuses more on work and less on syncing, emailing back and forth, extra cables, and other computing necessities, enables devices to communicate better with each other.

Kensington is committed to overcoming these obstacles by developing solutions that enable a more elegant and efficient computing experience. For more than 34 years, the company has delivered a robust range of desktop and mobile accessories, and is the industry standard of security-slot design integrated across products of leading brands such as Canon, Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung.