Wistiki to Launch Three New Device Trackers at CES 2016

Aha by WistikiWistiki, a leading provider of devices in Europe, will be introducing three new, amazingly reliable and extremely stylish device trackers at CES 2016. All three uniquely shaped connected accessories were designed by Philippe Starck.

If you’re the kind of person who often misplaces keys and wallets, or if you tend to lose track of your pet, it’s likely you’d prefer to never again experience that immediate feeling of panic that comes with the realization that something important to you has gone missing. Wistiki wants to make sure you never have to with its connected jewels – a series of three small, differently shaped, and elegant connected trackers.

The Wistiki voilà! Is made for keys. The Wistiki ahā! Is made to help you find your pet. The Wistiki hopla! Is to help you find your wallet. That being said, the device trackers can be attached to pretty much any gadget or object you want to make sure you never lose.

Once you’ve attached the device to the physical object of your choosing, connect it to your smartphone using the free Wistiki app to make the device ring, and to help you find it. Each connected tracker has a battery lifetime of up to 3 years, a longer Bluetooth Low Energy range (up to 328 ft.) and a pleasant sonic experience with a unique and loud (90db) ringtone.

The Wistiki app map has your back when it comes to keeping track of whatever you’ve connected your device to. The map uses the device’s most recent GPS coordinates and records the last time you were within the Bluetooth range of the device.

The map comes with a crowd GPS feature, as well, in which each person who has the Wistiki app anonymously updates the GPS data of all lost Wistiki around – meaning the community of users around you can actually help you find your lost item or pet.

You can also use the app to make your Wistiki ring so you can find your missing item by sound. On your screen, the hot/cold radar shows you whether you’re getting closer to the item or not. This can come in handy with things like television remotes.

Visit Wistiki at table #1 at CES Unveiled or in the Sands venue, booth # 73956 in the Wearables Marketplace.