PhoneSoap XL and PhoneSoap Locker Debuting at CES 2016

PhoneSoap XL WhiteYou charge your phone every day. How often do you clean and sanitize your phone? It isn’t something that everyone thinks about. You touch something and pick up bacteria. Then, you touch your phone and transfer the bacteria to it. This can make you sick. PhoneSoap has healthy solutions to this problem.

PhoneSoap is proud to be the only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. At CES 2016, PhoneSoap is debuting PhoneSoap XL and the PhoneSoap Locker.

PhoneSoap XL retails for $119.95. It is available for preorder now, and the preorder will be shipped March 30, 2016. PhoneSoap XL comes in two colors: black or white.

PhoneSoap XL is for tablets. It does not use liquid, heat, or any harsh chemicals to sanitize your tablets. Instead, it uses 4 powerful UV-C bulbs that encompasses your tablet in germicidal light. It takes only 5 minutes and can charge your tablet at the same time. PhoneSoap XL can sanitize tablets, multiple phones, or any other object that fits inside it. It can sanitize your keys, mouse, Apple Watch, and more.

PhoneSoap Locker is a bigger version of PhoneSoap XL. It can lock and store 8 devices, and sanitize all the devices simultaneously. It can also charge and sync multiple devices at the same time. It can hold cell phones, tablets, E-readers, and more.

Visit PhoneSoap at Sands, Hall G, Booth # 80531 (Eureka Park Marketplace) at CES 2016.