Nanoleaf Smarter Kit Lighting System at CES 2016

Nanoleaf Smarter KitNanoleaf will bring its new Nanoleaf Smarter Kit to CES 2016. It is an Apple HomeKit-enabled smart lighting system that integrates the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb, the Smart Ivy, into an automated home system. Android support is coming in 2016.

The Smart Ivy bulb is shaped like a dodecahedron, a sphere-like shape that is made from flat plains. It is strong, self-reinforcing, and a perfect solution for getting 360° light out of flat circuit boards.

Nanoleaf Smart Ivy bulb features:
* Wireless connectivity – control through web or apps
* Platform agnostic – compatible with platforms from GE, SmartThings, Icontrol, Lowes Iris, and more
* Compact size fits more fixtures – use in more places.

The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit consists of one Smart Hub and two Smart Ivy bulbs. After setting up the Hub, you can control your lights through Siri using any iOS device. The Smart Hub connects to the router and translates commands from the iOS devices into ZigBee signals that the bulbs can understand.

Set scenes, rooms, and even name bulbs to optimize your lights from the App, then control your lights simply by telling Siri. Technological functionalities aside, with its one-of-a-kind dodecahedron shape and premium matte black finish, the Smarter Kit is a tech-savvy piece of eye candy that combines technical brilliance and unrivaled efficiency with incredible design. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit retails for $99.99 online at the Nanoleaf website.

Visit Nanoleaf at CES 2015 in Sands, Halls A-C, #70464.