Patriot Launches MFi Certified FUEL iON Charging Case

Patriot FUEL iON Charging Case. jpgPatriot released the FUEL iON Charging Case for the iPhone 6. It is a MFi certified case to make charging the iPhone 6 “unconsciously addicting and easy”.

The FUEL iON Charging Case for the iPhone 6 offers consumers a simple charging solution that uses patent-pending magnetic connectors to charge the phone without the use of a plug-in cord, eliminating wear and tear on the Lighting connector and increasing the longevity of the device. The case has been designed with an elevated bezel to prevent scratches.

Patriot FUEL iON Charging StandsConsumers can choose from three different charging bases. The FUEL iON Charging Stand is ideal for the office with an ergonomic angle for viewing your phone while charging. The snap to position rotational access allows the user to manipulate the phone from vertical to horizontal positions.

The FUEL iON Car Charger installs on any windshield and can mount and rotate your phone. It is optimal for GPS use. The FUEL iON Charging Pad allows you to simply lay your phone at any angle on it to charge. It is perfect for nightstand charging.

In addition to the iPhone 6 Charging Case, Patriot offers FUEL iON cases for the iPhone 5/5, Samsung Galaxy S4/5, and the Samsung Note 3. For those that are on-the-go, Patriot also has a 2100mAh magnetic portable battery that connects to the back of the phone and provides a full charge without the restrictions of connecting to a cord.