Standzout Brings Bandstand Prototype to CES

The BandstandStandzout has created what is being called “the first great Apple Watch Accessory”. It is called Bandstand. You can check out prototypes of it at the Standzout booth at CES.

Bandstand is a docking station for the Apple Watch. It is intended to be the nightly home for your new favorite tech gadget. Just take off your Apple Watch and place it onto the stand. The platform the watch sits on can pivot. This allows you to adjust the angle of the watch for visibility from any angle.

The base of the Bandstand has room for you to charge your other devices, including the iPad and iPhone. In other words, while you are charging your Apple Watch, you can also charge up to two more USB devices simultaneously. The Bandstand also has an adjustable brightness LED light in the body which makes it easy to locate in the dark.

Those that want to stay up to date with information about the Bandstand can sign up for product launch information at the Standzout website. The Bandstand is set to launch alongside the release of the Apple Watch in the Spring of 2015. Visit Standzout at Booth #6728 in the LVCC North Hall at CES 2015 to check out the Bandstand prototype.