Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo Competition (UK Only)

Kingston LogoLast month I reviewed the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo, a small memory stick for both PCs and tablets/smartphones that support OTG USB. It has a normal USB connection on one side and a micro-USB one on the other and is great for both transferring files with a minimum of hassle and storing music and films without filling up the device’s memory.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo Open

Kingston have kindly provided two 64 GB microDuos for GNC’s UK readers and listeners. To enter, simply email with your answer to the question below and include your postal address. Title the email “Kingston Competition”.

The microDuo only works with smartphones and tablets that have OTG USB.
What does OTG stand for in this context?

A) On The Go
B) Office To Go
C) Off The Grid

This competition is open to UK residents ONLY and closes at midnight UK time on Sunday 11 May 2014. The full competition rules are here.

Good luck!