AGF Announced CharacterWorks for NewTek TriCaster

CharacterWorksAGF Multimedia has announced the release of CharacterWorks. It is an advanced character generator and motion graphics application for NewTek TriCaster multi-camera live video production systems.

CharacterWorks will run on any laptop or desktop PC with a GPU. It renders full-HD, true 3D dynamic text and graphics in real-time. The CharacterWorks smooth broadcast graphics are streamed into the TriCaster over the network. This frees up the TriCaster inputs for other things.

CharacterWorks offers a virtually unlimited number of graphics and text objects on screen. This includes full-HD image sequences, animated backgrounds, rolls and crawls. It is possible to embed things within the text, such as animations or content from external sources like Twitter, XML (RSS) or ODBC. It has built-in OBDC support that lets users bring in data from MySQL or Excel without having to use scripts of external applications.

One especially interesting about CharacterWorks is its high degree of integration with TriCaster. CharacterWorks graphics can be edited and triggered remotely from TriCaster. This enables a single operator to control both the TriCaster and CharacterWorks. Or, one could go the other way around because many TriCaster functions can be invoked from CharacterWorks. Together, the combination of TriCaster and CharacterWorks makes complex setups possible.