Check Out Tally Lights at NAB 2014

Tally LightsTally Lights were created by President and Senior Design Engineer of Tally-Lights, LLC, Ted Kazmierczak. The tally lights product provides a simple, reliable, cost effective solution for a common problem faced by production studios. How can you tell if the camera is on? How do you get your talent to look at the right camera at the correct time?

Each Tally Light unit comes ready to plug in and use. There are 7 LED lights on each unit. Six of the lights face the talent, and the seventh faces the camera operator. There is a control knob that adjusts the brightness of the six forward facing LED’s. You can make them brighter, dimmer, or turn them off as needed. Turning them off will not turn off the seventh light that faces the camera operator – only the LED’s the face the talent.

The standard Tally Light can be interfaced with the Tally Light controller. Or, the Tally Light can be directly interfaced into NewTek TriCaster switchers as well as a variety of other popular video switchers and mixers. All of the Tally Light products are guaranteed for life. The staff of Tally Lights will be working in many of the switcher exhibits at NAB 2014.

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