Your Smartphone Smells Like Bacon

ScenteeIf you love the smell of bacon, then you are in luck – your smartphone can start smelling of it without you having to put the phone on the griddle!

You will need an iPhone or Android device to run this, but this adaptor – created by Scentee – will emit a smell of bacon into the air. You can choose different fragrances – lemons, steak, pork, mint, Jasmine, cinnamon, roses…

You purchase the “balloon” which is Scentee’s adaptor (available on that plugs into the headphone jack and download the app (available on November 15th). The balloon is filled with your scent of choice. The idea is when you smell the food, you eat something low-calorie or low-price (like rice or lettuce) and the combination with the food scent will fill you up or help you eat cheaper.

You can also use Scentee to fill a room like incense or air fresheners.

Back to the bacon – Scentee is working on two different types of meat and baked potato smells. Engadget has done a full smell-test of the device.

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