Ford’s Alan Mullaly Top Contender for Microsoft CEO


Microsoft has been looking hard at Alan Mullaly, CEO of Ford to take over Steve Ballmer’s role at Microsoft. Other candidates include Stephen Elop (Nokia), Tony Bates and Paul Maritz (Microsoft execs).

While the search is still in its infancy, a CEO like Mulally could definitely change up Microsoft’s vision. He would most likely bring in a lot of the values that has made Ford successful in the 21st century. But is running a car company similar to running a software company?

Microsoft is the 5th top global brand (behind Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and IBM)  – as opposed to Ford, which is 42 in the top 100 (Interbrand). Ford is the 4th top Global brand for automobiles and 2nd in US auto sales.

If Mulally is offered a spot at Microsoft, expect Ford to make a generous counter-offer. Either way, this is a great spot for Alan to be in…

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