Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases by iBattz at CES 2013

iBattz CaseiBattz offers a full line of power accessories designed for the iPhone and other intelligent mobile devices. They are introducing a brand new line of iPhone 5 cases at CES. This includes the highly anticipated Mojo Refuel, the Mojo Armor, and the AquaSeal Hi5.

The Mojo Refuel is for iPhone 5. It comes with 2 high capacity 19300 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries and 2 grooved silver and red colored bumpers. Choose from either a matt black or a gloss white.

It comes with an external USB charger that lets you charge additional batteries. A USB to Micro USB charging cable is provided for charge and sync directly from the battery case (without having to remove the case from the iPhone 5). The Mojo Refuel will be available in February of 2013 for $89.90.

Mojo Armor for iPhone 5 protects your iPhone 5 from drops, dust, splashes, and shocks. It is a rugged battery case that is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a dual material case with high visibility orange trim and a black protective silicone sleeve to seal all ports.

It includes 2 high capacity 19300 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries, silver bumper and charge & sync cable and an additional USB charger for charging extra batteries. The Mojo Armor will be available in March of 2013 for $99.90.

AquaSeal Hi5 is waterproof. It can protect your iPhone 5 from drops into water. The AquaSeal Hi5 features a waterproof case and attachable 2500Ah aluminum battery. This one is also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The AquaSeal Hi5 is described on the iBattz website as “Your iPhone 5 best buddy”.

You can find iBattz at CES 2013 in the North Hall in booth 5428. They will be showcasing the Refuel, Armor, and AquaSeal Hi5. Attendees of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show are invited to bring their current iPhone 4/4S/5 case to the iBattz booth for an upgrade to an iBattz charging case. Ask for details at the booth.

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