Smart Body Analyzer by Withings at CES 2013

Withings Smart Body Analyzer One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to lose some weight. Others might expand upon it by making the goal of “getting heathy”. Withings has the perfect device to help you monitor how well you are achieving those goals as the year goes by.

The Smart Body Analyzer is the first smart scale that can monitor health and environment through heart rate measurement and air quality monitoring. It can also give you a rich weight analysis through its Position Control technology in order to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. The scale can connect wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it pairs nicely with both iOS and Android devices.

Step on the Smart Body Analyzer scale just like you would the one that you are currently using. It will give you accurate weight, body fat, and heart rate readings. It will also take a reading of your resting heart rate, which is a good indicator of your overall fitness level. If you place the scale in your bedroom, it will monitor the quality of the air by taking a reading of the temperature and CO2 level.

The readings are then transmitted to the Withings Health Mate mobile application through the built in internet connection. You can choose to share the results with your doctor or dietician, and even on Twitter and Facebook. The Health Mate app is an open platform that can aggregate measurements from other Withings devices and third party sensors and apps.

Withings will unveil its Smart Body Analyzer at the 2013 International CES. The device was awarded with a 2013 CES Innovations award. It is slated for a Q1 2013 release date at a suggested retail price of $149.95.

Image by Withings

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