Hitcase Brings its ChestR Mount to CES 2013

ChestRWhen you think about a mounted camera, you probably imagine a person walking around while wearing a helmet that has a camera attached to it. Hitcase will change the way you think about mounted cameras!

The ChestR is unique. It is a chest harness that has a mount for your iPhone. This allows you to comfortably go hands-free with your photography and videography. It seamlessly pairs with the Hitcase and the Hitcase Pro. It is also compatible with the StickR Mount (coming soon) and the other tripod mounts that Hitcase makes.

The ChestR harness has adjustable straps, a neoprene body, and a polycarbonate chest plate. Like the Hitcase, it is designed to withstand the elements (such as high elevation and violent impacts). Your iPhone will sit in the mount that is attached to the front of ChestR. You can rotate that mount 360 degrees and pivot it 90 degrees, which gives you the ability to capture footage at any angle.

The ChestR is compatible with the GoPro Mount. It also includes a bonus stash pocket and headphone cable loops. ChestR is currently available for $49.99.

The Hitcase ChestR mount will officially make its debut at the ShowStoppers media event at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8, 2013. You can also find Hitcase at the Dr. Bott booth, North Hall #5825, where you can see a showcase of the full Hitcase product line.

Image by Hitcase

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