If You’re Happy, and You Know it…Wag Your Tail?

Here’s a gadget that you don’t see everyday. Actually, since it is still a prototype, odds are you haven’t seen one of these in person yet at all. Neurowear recently announced a new and unique product at the Tokyo Game Show.

The gadget is called Shippo. It is a furry tail that you can wear. Clip it on, and it will wag when you are happy or excited. The tail will droop when you are feeling calm or meditative.

I think the idea is that Shippo will allow you to broadcast your mood to the people around you in a very visual way. The technology that makes Shippo work involves a sensor that a person must wear on his or her forehead. It measures the electricity at the scalp. Another sensor, that measures a person’s pulse, must be clipped onto his or her ear. The sensors tell the tail what to do via Bluetooth.

Personally, I think the girl in the video is emotive enough all by herself, without the addition of an electronic tail to express herself with. Shippo is still in the concept phase, and could be on the market possibly before 2012 ends.

Neurowear also makes a product called Necomimi, which are cat ears. Wear them on your head, and technology similar to what is used for Shippo will cause the ears to perk up or fold down to visually demonstrate your mood. Necomimi has been released and is something you can purchase today. Perhaps being a kitty for a while will be enough to tide over those who are anxiously awaiting Shippo, (and their very own, fuzzy, puppy tail).

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