Griffin and Crayola Create Kid-Friendly MyPhones

Here’s something for all the parents out there. Your children love music, but you don’t love the particular music that they have become enamored with. Are you tired of hearing that same song over and over again? You may have considered handing your child your own, personal, headphones or earbuds, but this can be problematic in many ways.

Griffin and Crayola have teamed up to make the perfect solution for these types of situations. It is called MyPhones. They are fully adjustable, volume limiting, earbuds and headphones that are kid-sized. They come with a built in, always-on, sound-control circuit that caps peak volume levels at 85 decibels. Kids wearing MyPhones will hear music that is slightly louder than typical conversation but is quite a bit lower than what a typical mp3 player puts out at max volume. It helps to protect your child from hearing loss.

The MyPhones headphones come in two color combinations. Choose from pink/purple or blue/green. They come with stickers and Crayola markers which kids can use to customize their headphones to express their own, unique, personality. The MyPhones headphones are available from Target and cost $29.99.

The MyPhones earbuds come in a cute carrying case that looks like a large Crayola crayon. It snaps open to reveal 3 sizes of soft silicone ear cushions. Pick the one that best fits into your child’s ear. The MyPhones earbuds come in three Crayola colors: “Purple Pizzazz”, “Caribbean Green”, “Blue Berry”, and “Cotton Candy” (which is pink). The MyPhones earbuds are also available from Target and cost $14.99.

This solves the problem of having to share your earbuds with your child. But, how will you protect your iPod Touch from potential damage that can occur while your child uses it to play music? Griffin and Crayola have you covered here, too!

How about a colorful Crayola Classics Case? Each one has the familiar design that you see on the paper that covers a Crayola crayon. These protective shells come in a variety of Crayola colors including: “Purple Pizzazz”, “Cotton Candy”, “Caribbean Green”, “Blue Berry”, and “Radical Red”.

Color Clickers is something different. It combines a protective polycarbonate shell with 28 interchangeable color stripes. Your child can pull these off and rearrange them as often as he or she wants to. Both the Color Clickers and the Crayola Classics cases are priced at $24.99 and are available through Griffin.