Zeo: Your Personal Sleep Coach

Carissa O’Brien visited the Zeo booth at CES 2011. Zeo is a device that acts as a personal sleep coach. Better sleep means a better you. When you sleep poorly it can effect your health, your energy level and your productivity. The way Zeo works is you wear a headband at night that tracks you brain electric signals. In the morning that information is then transferred to the bedside display. It can tell you how long you slept, how long it took for you to get to sleep and how good you slept. You can then take that data to the Zeo Web site and it will give you tips on how to get better sleep.

The device is available through the Zeo Web site, Amazon and Brookstone for $199.00. Zeo announced an integration with Dailyburn an online fitness platform thru their open api at CES 2011.

Interview by Carissa O’Brien for Geek News Central.

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