The newest shiniest gadget has just come out and you want it, but what do you do with the previous model. You could try to sell it on Ebay or Craigslist but there is an easier way it is called Gazelle. You can send your old electronics to Gazelle and they will either pay you or if the item is not worth anything they will recycle it for you. The way it works is you go to the site and enter the item you want to get rid of. They will ask you the condition of the item and if you have any charger, cables and CD’s that came with the device. Once you fill in the required information they will tell you how much they will pay for the device. On the same page you can see how much the gadget was going for over time. If you choose to accept their offer they will send you a shipping label. In some cases they will send you an box to ship the gadget or gadgets in. Place the item in the box and send it off to Gazelle.  Gazelle will send you an email letting you know they’ve received the item and they have to inspect it.

Once Gazelle finishes looking the item over, you will get another email letting you know if there were any problems and if the price they are going to pay is different then what was originally given. The price maybe lower or higher, if you don’t like the new price they will send the gadget back to you. They have multiple payment options, including Paypal, Amazon Gift Card or Walmart PrePaid Visa. I’ve used Gazelle myself and had a great experience. They kept in touch by email and notified me when there was a problem. It was easy and convenient with no hassle involved.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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