Keyboard Covers by KB Covers

Esbjorn Larsen interviewed Bruce with KB Covers. KB Covers offers customized keyboard for the full Apple keyboard line, including desktops and lap tops. KB make over 300 different types of covers. There are simple clear covers for both the full and lap top keyboard. They also make preprinted special-purposed keyboard covers for showing the keyboard shortcuts for Adobe, Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop.

If you are learning or any of these applications, these keyboards will show you all shortcuts that are available. They also make covers for specific languages such as a Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew keyboard. They even offer a keyboard cover for the World of Warcraft game. The covers feels silky and smooth and helps to quiets the keys. The covers can be cleaned with mild dish soap. If you are looking for a keyboard cover for your apple product, then KB Covers will have what you are looking for.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen of

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